Diabetic diary

I’ve just released my next application Diabetic diary.

The app allows you to track the dosage of insulin and how it affects your blood sugar level. Write down the dose you took and if you did the measurement, write the blood sugar level. You can easily view and filter the necessary information about the dosage.
On the main screen you will see the last saved dose and measurement, so you will immediately know if you missed something.
You will also see a chart for any period of time and descriptive statistics.
You can create a PDF with diagram and statistics and (if you enter in the settings) the data about the drug and the patient. You can share the PDF file or print it.
By analyzing the chart you can better determine the effective dose of insulin. The exported PDF can also be used for consultation with a doctor.
By setting the therapeutic blood sugar level range, you can easily see if the measurements are within the range that is best for you.
In the application you can set notifications that will remind you to take insulin.
You can also export or import data from the app as needed.